The mind of man is created in such a way that it is always thirsty for knowledge. Most of the thirst is to know about the affairs and news of the surroundings. In early ages, to satisfy his curiosity, the man had chosen to move from one place to another just to keep a check on what is happening around. Soon when the population of Earth increased and people started spreading in different areas, various means were founded to move from one area to the other. The best way, as found then, was the horse that carried man safely and in lesser time. As man revolutionized, he started making things to ease himself such as carts, carriages, etc. which were usually made from timber. This all is about the world where technology had not stepped in. However, now, those carts and carriages are bought just as a hobby. This is innovation. Nonetheless, this movement of man was called traveling.

Traveling can be from city to city or from country to country. There are many reasons why people need to travel. Some may travel due to religious requirements such as to visit a noble place to perform their religious activities, for examples Muslims travel to Makah to perform Umrah and Hajj. Similarly, a lot of Christians travel the Tomb of Virgin Marry situated in Jerusalem.  Some may travel to meet their relatives that are often spread in cities or even countries. Some people even need to travel to have some “me-time”. Such a case includes the category of people who prefer traveling to different places to remove their frustration and depression due to their busy routines. Some may travel for business purposes, studies, and jobs, etc. For one reason or another, one needs to travel someday, somehow.

In today’s modern world, the requirements of man have changed. The means of traveling have been innovated to bikes, cars, trains, and airplanes, etc. In this article, we will talk about the fastest means of transportation i-e through the air. The speed of airplanes is, on average, 575 mph. however, the fastest train is 267 mph. This difference of more than half in the speeds of both these means shows which one is the best way to travel. However, trains, buses, cars, and bikes are also important when you have to travel small distances. On the other hand, if you have to travel from a country in South Asia to Denmark, you are required to travel through the plane. Yet, technology has made advancements to ease you more by air. Moreover, when it is the season of traveling, such as when it is the Hajj time, people get different packages and discounts for the sake of so many people applying at the same time.

In this era, you don’t need to go everywhere for gathering documents, buying tickets, booking hotels, and do other stuff for yourself required in traveling. To help you out in getting out of these processes, several travel agencies and even the online travel system has stepped into the world. Travel agencies book tickets, hotels, and taxis for you. But, this requires more money than it would when you would do it all yourself. If you want to save your money as well as your time, you are welcome to do it all on the internet. Almost all of the airlines have their official websites where you can get each detail of the flight you want to take. You can pay for the ticket online and even choose your seat! You can keep a check on the details of your flight on the site as well. This takes no extra charges. Not only that you can book everything easily, but also if you have changed your plan and you want to cancel or change the time of your flight, the sites allow you to do that too online. Hence, no need to worry at all.

Another problem that is solved by air travel services is that it does not only carry passengers but also perform cargo transportation services. Consider you are living overseas with a family living in your hometown. You cannot afford going back, but want to surprise the family with the things of their choices. In such a case, air travel services are here to you out again. You can send goods to your family, even trade products to the required persons or companies by air. Special planes are flown to carry cargo. You get passes or coupon numbers for the goods. You have to provide the transporter with an approved identification of the sender as well as the receiver so that no other intervention is made and the product remains safe. The privacy of the product is also checked until unless the product is doubted to be harmful in any way. Hence, your goods travel in safe hands to the receivers.

Let us discuss the effects of traveling on the places where people travel. The countries to which more people travel become economically strong. They are brought to the international limelight. As people choose someplace to decide their career, they first consult the residents to get reviews about the place. Consequently, more people traveling to a specific place motivate more people to go there and the cycle goes on. If the host country treats the people well, their reputation increases. They can treat the migrants well by offering them good jobs and more opportunities to settle down. In this way, more people are successful and the country starts running on the road of development, fast enough to win the race. If a country offers valued degrees and jobs with handsome salaries, more people travel to the country. If the employees and students are satisfied with the hosting, they will motivate more people to join the country. Hence, the lack of talented employees and students can be covered easily.

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